Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 embrace an assurance of innovative industrial revolution and it makes factories ‘SMART’. The seamless interaction among technologies such as IIOT, simulation, analytics, Augmented Reality, Additive Manufacturing, cyber security, AI, Cyber physical systems that would capture, optimize, deploy data and as an impact benefit the industry in data collection, factories efficiency, real time decision making & reducing deployment cost/or optimizing the effectiveness of cost for business.

The industrial space is evolving rapidly and the growing Industrial IOT uses interconnected smart sensors & edge technology in industrial setting such manufacturing, energy, facilities management etc to help business run smoothly & utilize data to improve processes.

Industries like automotive, manufacturing and various sectors are adopting Industry 4.0 to make smart factories across the world.

Digital Twin

Digital Twin is a vital tool to help engineers, operators in an organization to better engage and connect with the digitalization of the plant and machinery to optimize machine design, smooth operations, short changeover times, real time data & reasoning to help decision making through the digital representation of a physical object, processes & services.

Through Digital Twin now everyone can see the crucial information about how the physical object responds in the real world.

With the undergoing digital transformation Digital Twin can be accessible in manufacturing industries, smart cities, Healthcare Industries, Automotive industries in which physical objects a & twin models interact in a physical world.