Manticore Software Pvt. Ltd. works with the vision of academicians, MSME’s and Skill Development initiatives to prepare the students as per industry needs and bridge the gap between Industries and Academics.

Educational Institutes

‘There’s a way to do it BETTER- FIND IT’
Thomas A Edison

Education plays a pivotal role in all of our lives and paves the way for all of us to reach our highest potential. It transforms us completely from inside and outside by changing our mind and personality as well as improving our confidence level. It changes our life completely as it is constructive in nature.

Manticore Software focus is on working with academic institutes and bring transformation among engineering colleges, diploma and ITI’s in India.


MSME is the boon for the fresh talent in India and play an important role in the wider eco-system of firms. Start-ups and young firms, which are generally small or micro firms, are the primary source of job creation in the country and are the driving force of innovation and sustainability in the private sector.

Small businesses are important because
they provide opportunities for entrepreneurs
and create meaningful jobs with greater job

Skill Development Initiative

‘Innovation is change that Unlock New Values’ Manticore strongly believes that in a constantly changing environment, skills play an important role to meet the challenges of everyday life. The dramatic changes in global economies over the past five years have been matched with the transformation in technology and these are all impacting on education and the workplace. To cope with the increasing pace and change of modern life, students need to enhance their skills and be industry ready.

Manticore will continue to work with the skill development initiative project and contribute in building the future India.